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Loan for Home

We appreciate your efforts and would want to thank you through the Preferred Rewards program.
Depending on their eligibility tier at the time of application, Preferred Rewards members may be eligible for an origination fee or an interest rate reduction. To obtain the maximum program benefit, you might need to enroll in Pay Plan from an eligible Bank of America deposit account before the loan closing date, depending on your tier.

Fixed-rate mortgages
  • The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan.For the duration of the loan, your monthly principle and interest payments stay the same.

Mortgages with adjustable rates (ARMs)

The interest rate may fluctuate on occasion throughout the course of the loan.

Interest rate fluctuations might result in an increase or decrease in your monthly payment.

Jumbo Loans

  • For borrowers needing higher loan amounts

  • Available as fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans

Affordable Loan Solution® mortgage

  • Down payment as low as 3% 

  • Income limits apply

FHA & VA loans

  • Government loans from the Federal Housing Administration Footnote[3] and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Footnote[4]

  • Low down payment options with flexible credit and income guidelines

Doctor Loans

  • Designed specifically for medical residents, fellows, licensed practitioners, and other qualified health care providersadaptable choices. Debt from student loans may not be included in the overall amount of debt.

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